Szega Foods – Cheese Contest of European Nations
Official Game and Participation Rules

1. Organiser:

SZEGA Camembert Kft. 1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121.

Company Registration number: 01-09-702889

2. Period of the game

The game takes place between 27. August 11:00 and 11. September 2016 13:00

3. Conditions of participation and game rules

In the game anyone can participate, who is older than 14 years of age. Nationals of any country are welcome. The condition of participation is to registrate on the website of, and cast one single official vote. Taking part in the game means that the participant understands and accepts of the Official Game and Participation Rules.

4. The process of the game:

This year for the fourth time SZEGA Foods organizes the National Cheese Contest. In the contest 15 internationally recognized countries compete for the “Best Cheese of Hungary” title with their traditional specialties. Utilizing SZEGA Food’s decades of experience as cheese merchant as well as working together with the competing countries embassies were those cheese chosen which fit the motto “European cheese and gastronomy” and participate in the contest.

The game takes place between 27.August 11:00 and 11 September 2016 13:00.

Among the participants, who casted valid votes, and accepts the Game Rules, prizes listed in point 5 are raffled.

Every participant can only cast one vote and register once. The organiser does not take any responsibility for lost, late or informatically damaged votes due to any kind of problem arising from network difficulties or computer related problems (hardware or software).

5. Prizes:

Among voters, who voted according to the game rules, and casted valid votes prizes listed on  are going to be raffled at 14:00 p.m on 11. September 2016.
The prizes are going to be raffled with computer at the following address: SZEGA Camembert Kft. 1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121. In case the winner of the raffle does not meet requirements of the rules (e.g. registered twice), as a consequence he/she is going to be excluded from the game. Instead of the excluded player, the prizes falls in the hands of the substitute winner, who is always the second after the excluded player in time of casting a valid vote. Indeed, the substitute winner needs to fulfils the rules and condition of the game as well.

6. The notification of the winners:

The names of the winners are  going to be published at the Facebook site of the organiser: The organiser is going to notify the winners by email.

7. The receipt of the prizes:

The prizes are going to be delivered to the winners at an in advance negotiated time and date between the organiser and winners in the store of SZEGA Foods in Budagyöngye Shopping Mall (1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121.). The winner must show valid identification documents, and the organiser can ask the winner to proof his/her emai address. The winner must do everything he/she can in order to pick up his/her prize within 90 days after the end of the game. IN case the winner does not appear in the above mentioned time deadline, the Organiser does not take any responsibility of not being able to give out the prize anymore due to the time schedule of the sponsor agreement. The organiser can only ensure the receipt of the prize within 90 days after the end of the game.

8. General terms and conditions

8.1. The participation in the game is voluntary. Any personal data, which might be given out by participants is not going to be registered. The organiser can only use them to identify the winner.

8.2. By registering, the participant acknowledges that he/she has fully learned the Official Game and Participation Rules, and accepts them without any conditions. If the participant does not accepts the rules he/she is automatically closed out of the game.

8.3. Any cost or spending related to the receipt of the prize and the use of the prize is solely on the side of the winner.

8.4. The organiser does not take any responsibility for the failures of the microsite, which results in the permanent or occasional stop or termination, which is not caused by the organiser. Any related cost is not part of the responsibility of the organiser.

8.5. The organiser can exclude the participant until the prizes are given out, if the participant does not meet the requirements of the official rules of the game. Supplying invalid data does not fall under the responsibilities of the organizers.

8.6. The prizes cannot be given to any other person, and are not convertible to any forms of cash.

8.7. Employees of SZEGA Camembert Kft and related companies cannot participate in the game, nor the relatives of the mentioned people according to Ptk. 685.§.b.

8.8. The Organiser does not take responsibility for warranty or any other responsibilities in connection with the prizes. However, the winner may validate his/her legal claim against the producer or service provider of the prize, which is nominated by the organiser, when giving out the prize.

8.9. The official Game Rules are published at during the game.

8.10. The participant agrees without any conditions and allows the organizer to include his/her personal data in a database. The participant also allows the organiser to use the data during the game without any consideration. The administrator of the data given by the participants is SZEGA Camembert Kft, which entity handles the data in accordance with the related laws (2011. évi CXII. törvény)
The data supply is voluntary, but the participant acknowledges, that

  • If he or she does not supply the required data for participating or asks for terminating it before the prize is given out, he/she is automatically excluded from the game.
  • if the related laws prescribes compulsory data management, the requested termination of personal data can only happen afterwards

The data is processed be the organiser: SZEGA Camembert Kft. The organiser is not entitled to share any personal data to third parties without the acceptance of the participant based on sufficient information.

SZEGA Camembert Kft.

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The game has finished, results are published at our Facebook site!

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