SZEGA Foods is one of the oldest and most important cheese-importer, trader of Hungary. The company has been devoted to introduce and spread the culture of international gastronomy for almost 20 years, as it is strongly committed for promoting international quality foods for years. As he opened the first retail outlet, Árpád Gábossy established SZEGA Foods in 1994 at the time when international quality food products were almost unknown on the Hungarian market. At the beginning, the company dealt only with importing for its own retail units mainly cheese, hams, antipasti and bakery products. In the following years the new shops were opened and the sortiment expanded.

After the success of the retail activity SZEGA Foods started to serve large international and local retailers in 1998 –nowadays, currently the company is the supplier of large enterprises like Auchan, Tesco, Metro, CBA or SPAR. 

Today SZEGA Foods is the exclusive representative of almost 50 well-known European producers in Hungary. It also serves the Horeca sector, various gourmet partners and traditional traders. Products are originating from almost 15 European countries.

Among others in the cheese segment, SZEGA Foods is the exclusive distributor of the fine Dutch cheese, Old Amsterdam which is acknowledged by several awards. The enterprise is the largest importer of French cheese, with exclusive representation of product like Le Rustique one of the best known higher category Camembert and Brie brand in France and Europe.

The approximately 1000 different of cheese varieties available in the sortiment are the products of internationally recognised companies like Parmareggio (parmeggiano reggiano), Kerrygold (premium butter), Cathedral City (mature cheddar) and so on.

Beside the dairy segment SZEGA also imports ambient items ranging from chocolate (Heindl) to ambient croissants (Bauli), antipasti products (Dittman Feinkost), various patés (Polca Grand Mére), hams (Grandi Salumifici Italy) and also frozen articles.

For the professional country-wide service of our clients, the logistic centre of SZEGA was built in 2004 near to Budapest, in Diósd. Thanks to the developments, room-temperature, chilled and frozen products are handled and delivered with own trucks on the full territory of Hungary approved with the highest standards of HACCP.

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